Whole Rabbit Fryers (10) – Approx 30 lbs


Each package includes approximately 30 lbs, which is equivalent to 10 rabbits. Shipping is included in price.



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Fryer rabbit meat is the most tender and mildest meat from a young rabbit. The meat is lean and fine-grained. And just like the name says, it’s wonderful for frying.

Rabbit meat is also perfect for replacing chicken in almost any recipe. Rabbit meat does tend to absorb spices more than chicken, and has a slightly sweeter taste overall. In other words, while similar to chicken the flavor is actually a bit richer.  It is delicious fried, in stews or fricassee.

Rabbit Saddle Meat

Saddle meat, often referred to as the loins is tender and best cooked with higher heat, making it ideal for fast methods. It can also be grilled whole, or sautéed in strips or medallions.  This meat is great on salads, wonderful in sandwiches or can stand alone as a main protein.

Rabbit Legs

Rabbit legs are richer in flavor than the saddle. They are perfect for slower cooking methods (roasting and stewing).  The leg meat can also be ground and used as meatballs, added to pasta sauces, or to make rabbit sausages.

How To Fry:

  • Step 1: Separate the rabbit by cut: hind legs, front legs and two halves of the saddle.
  • Step 2: Break these down further to smaller pieces ( around 10 total) that are easier to handle for frying.
  • Step 3:  Dip pieces into flour and fry in skillet or cast iron pan. Cook until golden on each side.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs