Rabbit Meat with Potatoes

TLDR — the short answer is, YES! Keep reading more details.

Not A Secret Anymore

For years now rabbit meat has been a well-kept secret among chefs and foodies in the United States.  While other countries have long embraced the benefits of using rabbit meat, the demand for it here has just now started increasing.

As more people seek organic, natural food options with low environmental impact, they are discovering the incredible quality of rabbit meat.  Not only is it sustainable to the land and always in season, it’s considered the most nutritious meat available.

How Rabbit Meat Compares With Beef, Chicken, & Pork


Like chicken, rabbit is an all white meat. This makes it naturally lean, with almost half the calories of lamb and beef and less than pork. It’s even slightly lower than chicken, with about a third of the sodium.  For example, a 3.5-ounce serving of chicken has about 201 calories whereas that same serving is only about 173 calories.


As people look to change their diets and reduce fat, particularly saturated fat, the first place they look is meat. Obviously rabbit meat is much lower in fat and saturated fat than beef and lamb. What people don’t realize is that it has a lower percentage of fat than ANY other meat.


As little as a 3-ounce serving of rabbit meat is enough to contribute significantly to our daily protein requirement. That’s because it has the highest protein percentage per serving size when compared to beef, pork, turkey and chicken.


Once again, rabbit meat wins in the contest for cholesterol, having the lowest cholesterol value of any meat.  Chicken and pork have about 230mg per serving while rabbit has a mere 164mg.

When compared to other meats it becomes clear that rabbit meat a great addition to any recipe, easily filling in for chicken. It has better health aspects than any meat and adds more nutritional value per serving. It’s ideal for people with special dietary needs, but perfect for anyone looking for lean, healthy meat. If you’re looking to buy rabbit meat for your restaurant, family, or dinner party, check out our Shop page for options & delivery details.

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