Is Rabbit Meat Healthy? How Is The Flavor?

It’s comparable to chicken in terms of mild flavor and versatility. It is also higher in protein, lower in both fat and calories than most other meats. Rabbit meat is low sodium and cholesterol free, which makes it perfect for heart patients too.

How Are The Rabbits Raised?

Our rabbits are never given growth stimulants, drugs, antibiotics or growth hormones. The rabbits live with an abundance of shade and minimum of direct sunlight for maximum comfort.

Is Rabbit Farming Sustainable?

Rabbits grow quickly and become of frying age within a few months. This means they have minimal impact on the environment. They also produce up to 6 pounds of meat on the same amount of food and water necessary to produce 1 pound of meet from a cow. This combination of a low carbon footprint and speedy breeding rate makes them ideal for land sustainability.

How Do You Ensure Freshness?

Your meat is specially packaged and delivered within two days to ensure that you receive the highest quality, farm-to-table rabbit meat.

What Is The Delivery Area?

We deliver within a two day shipping area of our farm, which is located just outside Nashville, TN.

Can I Visit The Farm?

The farm is not currently open for public visits. You can view pictures on our About page.