All American Rabbit Meat from Farm to Table

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Treat and impress your guests with our tender, juicy, meaty and healthy farm-fresh rabbit cuts, perfect for your finest recipes.

About Our Farm

Double Branch Farms is a small commercial rabbitry located outside Nashville in College Grove, Tennessee. We specialize in New Zealand White Rabbits and were built by chefs and foodies. Our Rabbitry is nestled in the middle of 100 rolling, green, spring-fed acres. Surrounded in thick oak groves, our rabbits are housed underneath insulated open-aired barns where shade abounds and direct sun is kept to a minimum for the comfort, health and well-being of the animals. Our rabbits grow quickly and are of frying age just over a couple months. This ensures a tender, meaty, juicy food product which are sustainable to the land and always in season. Our products contain no drugs, antibiotics, hormones or artificial growth stimulants. Treat and impress your guests and family with our juicy, meaty and healthy farm fresh foods perfect for your finest recipes.

Finest Quality White Rabbit Meat

Farm to Table Freshness. ​Exciting, Natural meats that are free of antibiotics and hormones. Compared to chicken, rabbit is all white meat that is higher in protein, lower in cholesterol and has fewer calories. Great for Chefs, Foodies, Families and Self-Sustainers.